Indie Weekend: ‘A Band Called Death,’ ‘The Way, Way Back,’ and More

'A Band Called Death' (Drafthouse Films)
‘A Band Called Death’ (Drafthouse Films)

I’m getting off the mat, so to speak, after a few too many days spent under the weather, just in time for a super-long weekend (at least, for those fortunate souls with jobs that grant a four-day vacation). What’s new in independent fare this week?

  • ‘A Band Called Death.’  This documentary about a three-man Detroit band who were ahead of their time — punk-style music? in the early 1970s? played by African Americans? — has received the best advance word of mouth among the quintet of new releases. Not previewed. (The Texas Theatre.) Opens today.
  • ‘The Attack.’ An Arab surgeon in Tel Aviv suffers a crisis of conscience when his wife is accused of a terrible crime. Not previewed. (Angelika Dallas, Angelika Plano.) Opens today.
  • ‘Blancanieves.’ From Spain comes a tribute to silent-language films in the form of a period adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale. Not previewed. (Angelika Dallas.) Opens Friday.
  • ‘Just Like a Woman.’ Sienna Miller stars in a tale of two women who go on the run with dreams in their heads and men on their tails. Not previewed. (Angelika Dallas.) Opens Friday.
  • ‘The Way, Way Back.’ In this highly-touted coming-of-age comedy, Liam James stars as a young man who finds a new father figure (Sam Rockwell) at a water park. With Steve Carell, Toni Collette, and Allison Janney. Not previewed. (Landmark Magnolia, Angelika Plano.) Opens Friday.

Opening in wide release:

  • ‘Despicable Me 2.’ The animated sequel finds villain turned hero Gru, once again voiced by Steve Carell, looking for love. Not previewed.
  • ‘Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain.’ A new stand-up show by the popular comedian. Not previewed.
  • ‘The Lone Ranger.’ Armie Hammer plays the white-hatted titular character, but the real star is Johnny Depp (and his makeup) as Tonto.  Reviewed here.

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