Indie Opening: ‘Pina’

Wim Wenders' 'Pina' (IFC Films)
Wim Wenders' 'Pina' (IFC Films)

I won’t pretend that I know anything about modern dance. But even the uneducated, such as myself, have heard of Pina Bausch. And what I’ve heard about Pina, a new documentary directed by Wim Wenders, is that it is a genuine treat for dance fans, as well as those who are dragged along with them (I kid, I kid). Wenders has been regrettably uneven in his recent narrative features, but he continues to demonstrate a good eye and solid filmmaking skills in his documentaries. If you’re inclined to spend the extra coin, I’ve heard that the 3D is a worthwhile investment.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In his exhilarating new film, German master Wim Wenders (Wings of Desire, The Buena Vista Social Club) shoots in 3D to capture the brilliantly inventive dance world of legendary choreographer Pina Bausch. Wenders had conceived with Bausch a dance film like none seen before, one which would take the fullest advantage yet of new 3D technology to put the viewer deep inside Bausch’s playful, thrillingly unpredictable pieces. After her untimely death in 2009, Wenders continued with the project, turning it into the most exciting tribute he could imagine. Sensual and visually stunning, PINA uses 3D to remarkable effect, taking the audience into Bausch’s work in her imaginative sets (a gliding monorail, a bare stage covered with chairs, a towering man-made waterfall) and powerfully rendering the beauty and sheer physicality of the dances and dancers of her Tanztheater Wuppertal ensemble.

Pina opens tomorrow at the Angelika Dallas (in 2D) and at Cinemark West Plano (in 3D).

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