Indie Weekend: 'Blackthorn,' 'Margin Call,' Horror at the Texas Theatre

My pick of the week is 'Take Shelter,' but here's a roundup of the independent films opening in area theaters.

Indie Weekend: 'Weekend,' 'Incendiary,' 'Sholem Aleichem'

Seven new independent films are vying for your attention this week.

Indie Weekend: 'Amigo,' 'Circumstance,' 'Sector 7 3D'

John Sayles at war, two young Iranian women in love, and a Korean monster on an oil rig, plus two new wide releases of note.

Indie Weekend: 'Higher Ground,' 'Shaolin,' 'Bellflower'

Spiritual journeys, a thriller, and a drama provide a great menu of cinematic fare.

Indie Weekend: '5 Days of War,' 'Sex and Zen,' 'Good Old Fashioned Orgy'

Sex and war battle against unpreviewed wide releases over the long Labor Day weekend.

Indie Weekend: 'The Last Circus,' 'Senna,' 'The Man Who Fell to Earth'

A high-caliber trio of films, featuring a fantastic sad clown, a race car driver, and a perplexing alien.

Indie Weekend: 'Attack the Block,' 'The Future,' Original 'Conan' and 'Fright Night'

Aliens make the mistake of invading a tough neighborhood, Miranda July returns to annoy and/or delight, and two 80s originals are showcased in 35mm.

Indie Weekend: 'The Guard,' 'Names of Love,' Doc Weekend

A well-regarded dark comedy, a sexy French romantic comedy, and a full schedule of documentaries await your independent spirit.

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