Dallas IFF: Sunday (4/18) – 'Casino Jack,' The Big Wrap-Up!

Ah, the runner stumbles even in film review.  After what had been an almost perfect week of movie choices at the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival, I found myself wondering what had happened in those final moments, as I closed out my experience with one of the biggest (and most surprising) failures of the fest.... Continue Reading →

Dallas IFF: Thursday (4/15) – 'Obselidia'

"With new things becoming old in months instead of years, I just want to slow things down a bit." George's speech and manner make him seem like someone from a different era; that he works as a librarian but spends his days cataloging things that are obsolete might make him seem like a kook.  George... Continue Reading →

Dallas IFF: Wednesday (4/14) – 'Lemmy'

DIFF begins down the final stretch, and it just gets better every day. "I'm not qualified to do anything else." Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski's documentary on Motorhead front man Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister is not so much a fully-realized personal history or detailed portrait as much as an intense love fest.  Lemmy takes a tour... Continue Reading →

Dallas IFF: Tuesday (4/13) – 'Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child'

Director Tamra Davis' early works may have included music videos and films like Billy Madison and Half-Baked, but it turns out her passion project was always nearby, tucked away in a drawer:  a feature-length interview with her friend, artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Just months before his death, Davis filmed the painter in a casual setting, talking... Continue Reading →

Dallas IFF: Monday (4/12) – 'My Queen Karo'

Following a winning weekend of films, DIFF charges ahead with new entries and second screenings of many seen in the last few days.  My goal will be to provide commentary on at least one outstanding film a day...I can't promise just one, and I can't promise outstanding either, actually, but we're getting off to a... Continue Reading →

Dallas IFF: Sunday (4/11) – 'Lovers of Hate,' 'Earthling'

I'm considering calling the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival "Internationale!", spoken with the exclamation point.  It's still a mouthful, but it's fun to say. "There is something special about every kid."  "Bulls**t!" A queasy comedy of disdain, Brian Poyser's Lovers of Hate is about two brothers and the woman they both think they want.  Rudy... Continue Reading →

Dallas IFF: Saturday (4/10) – 'No Crossover,' 'We Are the Sea,' 'American: The Bill Hicks Story,' 'The Red Chapel'

DIFF continues strong... "Allen is the best guy you could want for the 2 hours of the game...for the other 22 hours, you're going to have grey hair." No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson is a deeply personal documentary from director Steve James (Hoop Dreams, Stevie), who reflects on his hometown of Hampton, VA,... Continue Reading →

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